Name: Renee Stowe
Birthday: April 16th, 1980
Favorite Episode: Peril in the Pits
Websites: www.RainbowBrite.Co & wiki.RainbowBrite.Co.Uk

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Hi, I'm a long time Rainbow Brite fan who maintains the domain and has helped with it's maintenance since 2008. 

Pryor to working on the website I was an amateur voice actress with a background in theater. I believe my strong points are archiving and research having assisted the discovery of many Rainbow Brite mysteries.

My Rainbow Brite Story:

I was introduced to Rainbow Brite when I was 4 years old. My collection began with coloring books and puzzles and later the larger dolls. Luckily my family was very accommodating in my Rainbow Brite obsession. One of my favorite childhood possessions was my Paint a Rainbow In Your Heart album which I nearly wore out. I found the cartoon comforting. It was one of those things I would gravitate to after watching a scary movie to wash away the fright with rainbows so I wasn't afraid.

I moved often as a child but having my Rainbow Brite collection with me through all of life's changes kept the rainbow alive in my heart to the point that when I received my first computer when I was 18 it was the first thing I looked up. 

I have always been "internet shy", choosing to lurk a lot but never really felt like I had much to offer or add to the community. That was until 2008 when I expressed with some other fans that we should try to find out more information about the character from around the world.  There were so many questions un-answered and it was so much fun digging into the history and finding out new things. Each new bit of information is like a shiny color crystal. I look forward to chasing rainbows!