Join us as we discuss the episodes: Chasing Rainbows, Murky's Comet, A Horse of a Different Color, and Queen of the Sprites.

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Renee Stowe, Katy Cartee Haile

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Brite Cast : The Rainbow Brite Podcast
Episode 4: The Cartoons Part Three (the Finale)

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The fourth episode of Brite Cast covers the last 4 Rainbow Brite episodes.

Chasing Rainbows 
Murky's Comet 
A Horse of a Different Color 
Queen of the Sprites

Episode Facts: 

Chasing Rainbows: Did Murky Dismal finally create something that works?
Murky's Comet: Who else thinks that "Duck Murky" and "Toad Lurky" are adorable?
A Horse of a Different Color: Meet Sunriser: Starlite's rival/sweetheart. So much drama!
Queen of the Sprites: The Evil Princess from Spectra is back....but falls a little flat...

This brings to a close the Episode reviews: 

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