Join us for episode 20, where we discuss Hallmark's latest Rainbow Brite advertisements, upcoming Rainbow Brite history lessons, new clothing, and other upcoming Rainbow Brite merchandise to keep your eyes peeled for!

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Renee Stowe, Katy Cartee Haile

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Episode 20:


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Links to items/events mentioned in this episode:

Rainbow Brite Musical at Worlds of Fun Theme Park
Rainbow Brite store displays at Hallmark
"Like you remember, only better" ad
Huge Rainbow Brite banner advertisement
Rainbow Brite History Lessons
Starlite Maquette
Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Press Kit
British 1986 Rainbow Brite ad, including Stormy
Bettina Bush dressed as Rainbow Brite
Adult wearing vintage plastic Rainbow Brite costume
Teespring Rainbow Brite and Twink design
Teespring Color Belt design
Teespring Stormy design
Teefury "This is How I Roll" tee
Teefury "My Little Starlite" tee
Figment Costuming: Rainbow Girl leggings and dress YouTube Channel (CowCow fashion show and more reviews)
Rage Gear Studios Xolor Kid art prints
Rage Gear Studios Xolor Kid shirts on
Color Kid Invention Contest
Rainbow Brite Custom Doll: Misty Pearl custom mermaid Color Kid by BabyDoll
Itty Bitty Generator commercial
Rainbow Brite Easter commercial
Online Exclusive Shy Violet itty bitty
2016 Rainbow Brite keepsake ornament
New TruffleShuffle Rainbow Brite tees
Old Sites
Which three dolls would you like to see remade?


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